Wichita Aquifer Storage and Recovery website updated with materials from June 28 meeting

7/2/2018 – KDA-DWR’s web site on the Wichita’s request to modify its Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) project has been updated with the presentations from the June 28 public informational meeting including the handout, a YouTube video, and the PowerPoints. agriculture.ks.gov/WichitaASR

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Second challenge to GMD 4 District-wide LEMA filed in Thomas County

A second request for judicial review related to GMD 4’s Local Enhanced Management Area (LEMA) has been filed, this one in Thomas County and focused on the ability of GMD 4 to make final decisions related to setting allocations for particular plaintiffs. Posted at: http://www.agriculture.ks.gov/GMD4LEMA.

Keywords: LEMA, GMD4, Legal, Court

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