Audubon of Kansas sends letter on Quivira impairment, calling for action

The Audubon of Kansas has written a letter calling on both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Chief Engineer to act immediately to remedy the impairment. Posted on KDA’s Quivira and GMD 5 LEMA web sites: and

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GMD 5 updates proposed LEMA plan for Quivira impairment, plans August 27 public meeting

On August 10, GMD 5 developed a new draft of its proposed LEMA plan to resolve the Quivira impairment complain. GMD 5 plans to host a public meeting to discuss the plan on August 27 (see for details.  The revised plan as well as KDA feedback on their July draft plan is at

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Kansas Leadership Journal is publishing a 7-part series on the Ogallala Aquifer

This week, the Kansas Leadership Journal is publishing a 7-part series on the Ogallala Aquifer, building the 2017 water tour. Part 1 is out this morning at:

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Hays/R9 Ranch change web site updated with public comment and Cities’ response

KDA-DWR’s web site on the Hays/R9 Ranch change applications has been updated with written public comments received since the June 21, 2018 public informational meeting including this week’s responses by the Cities to the comments received at the meeting.


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