2019 Water Use Reporting Season Now Open

The 2019 Water Use Reports were mailed just before New Years. Water users must report usage by 5:00 p.m. on March 1, 2020 in order to avoid late fees of up to $1,000 per file number (excluding domestic use).

File Online at www.KSWaterUseReport.org

Please note that submitting a paper water use report will require a $20 per water right per report paper filing fee (excluding domestic use). The filing fee can be avoided by reporting water use online.  

For help filing your report, contact your local field office or call 785-564-6638.

For more information about water use reporting, visit our website:

Important Note for Irrigation Water Use Reports

Irrigation paper reports will now be prescribed on 8.5″ by 11″ paper instead of the usual card stock. In January 2020, irrigators will receive the report in an envelope with “IRRIGATION REPORT ENCLOSED” printed on the front. Additionally, non-irrigation paper reports have experienced some minor updates. 

During the printing of the irrigation water use report, an issue appeared wherein many reports’ PIN numbers had extra spaces between the third and fourth digits. The image below shows an example of this issue.

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KDA–DWR Exceeds Goals in Online Water Use Reporting

As 2019 began, the KDA-DWR initiated a statewide effort to assist water users in online filing of water use reports, in an effort to save resources and improve efficiency. As the March 1 deadline to file the 2018 annual water use reports passed, KDA–DWR found that 86 percent of all total water use reports were completed online, representing 91 percent of all water rights in the state. This greatly exceeded KDA’s expectations. Last year only 27 percent of water use reports were filed online.  

For the 2018 water use reporting period, KDA implemented a $20 per water right paper fee for those water right holders that reported their water use using the paper forms, while the online reporting option was free to the water users. Less than 8 percent of total water users submitted their reports in paper form this year, compared to nearly 73 percent last year.  

The online water use reporting system has been in use by KDA-DWR and under continued development by the Kansas Geological Survey for the last six years. The system cuts down on staff time required to collect, enter and review data from the paper reports, allowing the division to share the data faster with other agencies and organizations. The program continues to receive useful input regarding the online filing system and will keep developing it to be more user friendly in future years.  

Efforts to increase the use of the online reporting system involved instructional videos as well as meetings and individual upport from KDA staff, especially at KDA field offices in Garden City, Parsons, Stafford, Stockton and Topeka. In addition, the outreach efforts were supported by several partners across the state, including the Kansas Rural Water Association, staff at KGS, Natural Resources Conservation Service offices, local irrigation companies, and groundwater management districts.  

This success of the online water use reporting system will be a great benefit to the state, as it will improve efficiency in collecting and reviewing water use data. Water use data is essential for management of the state’s resources. Each owner of a water right is required by law to submit a complete and accurate water use report every year. This process ensures that the people of Kansas — and officials responsible for managing or monitoring water resources — have access to complete information about how water is used. For more information about water use reporting, contact KDA–DWR at 785-564-6640 or visit agriculture.ks.gov/WaterUse.

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Wateruse fee for filing paper forms; online filing free

Beginning with this 2018 annual water use reporting period, KDA will charge a $20 per water right filing fee when the report is submitted to KDA’s Division of Water Resources (DWR) on a paper form. Fees can be avoided, however, by reporting annual water use online, through DWR’s electronic water use filing system. The fees are being imposed in order to promote greater adoption of online filing, which in turn helps the agency achieve long-term cost savings

During December, KDA-DWR sent notice to all water right owners and water use correspondents of the fee for paper filing and our enhanced support for free, on-line filing of wateruse reports.

KDA-DWR has been working to ramp up support for filing on-line. Free assistance for online reporting is available from KDA via our website (including video tutorials), by phone, or in person at any of DWR’s field offices. KDA-DWR is currently developing additional outreach to assist water users at other locations which will be listed on our web site in the near future.

More can be found on our web page at: http://www.agriculture.ks.gov/wateruse

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