Response to Audubon’s letter on Quivira and feedback to GMD 5 LEMA plan posted

As reported earlier, on August 10, GMD 5 developed a new draft of its proposed LEMA plan to resolve the Quivira impairment complaint and on August 17, the Audubon of Kansas wrote a letter calling on both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Division to act immediately to remedy the impairment.  On KDA’s web site, we have posted our latest input to GMD 5 on their LEMA plan and a response to Audubon of Kansas on their request.  See and

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WaterPACK provides additional comments on the Hays/R9 Ranch changes

On behalf of the Water Protection Association of Central Kansas (WaterPACK), their consultant has provided additional technical comments regarding the modeling supporting the Cities of Hays and Russell change applications, which propose to convert the water rights of the R9 Ranch from irrigation to municipal use for the Cities. See

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Audubon of Kansas sends letter on Quivira impairment, calling for action

The Audubon of Kansas has written a letter calling on both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Chief Engineer to act immediately to remedy the impairment. Posted on KDA’s Quivira and GMD 5 LEMA web sites: and

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Wheatland Water Conservation Area approved on 3200 acres

A water conservation area (WCA) for the Wheatland Electric Cooperative of Finney County is the latest WCA approval.  Anticipated water savings is approx. 1200 acre-feet per year on 3200 enrolled acres. We now have over 35,000 acres enrolled in WCAs with annual savings approaching 6000 acre-feet per year. For more:

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Republican River Compact Administration launches web site

The states of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska have collaboratively developed a new, joint web site,, as the official web site of the RRCA.  It includes an overview of the compact and its administration, its committee and their work, the RRCA’s annual reports and other historic documents, the RRCA’s accounting of water, and links to the states’ web sites for much more.

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